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Comparison to Other GWAS Catalogs

  • Extent of associations extracted (P<0.05 threshold).
  • Allowance for multiple SNPs/phenotype/locus and multiple phenotypes per SNP.
  • Inclusion of large quantitative trait scan results (e.g., gene expression GWAS).
  • Search terminology and methods applied differ across the available GWAS catalogs (e.g., NHGRI GWAS catalog, HVGbaseG2P, GWASdb)
  • The modeled allele is not determined or included in GRASP whereas it is at least partially determined in some other catalogs.
  • Other inclusion/exclusion criteria such as minimum number of markers tested (GRASP allows as few as 25,000 markers). For more details, see "Methods & Resources".


All SNP associations in the Full Download version are mapped to the genome (hg19) build and reference SNP database (dbSNP build 141). Individual SNP-phenotype entries in GRASP have been annotated for assigned SNP function, location within or nearby to protein coding genes, non-coding RNAs, microRNAs, microRNA target binding sites, validated human enhancer regions and other known regulatory elements, amino acid changes and their predicted consequences and post-translational modifications. All SNPs and Genes in the Query Search are based on current NCBI builds and may differ from the Download version. For more details on the individual annotation sources see "Methods & Resources".