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While the main GRASP database contains only results with P≤0.05 from papers, their supplements and full scans, on this page we make available full GWAS statistics from papers, where available. The guidelines and restrictions for GRASP results also apply to these results.

GWAS results posted here should not necessarily be deemed to be clinically applicable.

If you would like to post results here, send us a message .

Results are organized chronologically from most recent publication to oldest. Where multiple traits are analyzed in a single study, single or multiple files may be available for download. Approximate sample sizes are given for the discovery phase of each study, and where multiple traits were analyzed reflect the estimated maximum sample size.

1) Schumann et al.
Trait(s): Daily alcohol use (continuous, light/heavy, men/women) Sample size (~n): up to 74,711; men up to 27,560; women up to 47,720
Results File1: pooled_continuous_alcohol.csv.gz
Results File2: women_continuous_alcohol.csv.gz
Results File3: men_continuous_alcohol.csv.gz
Results File4: pooled_dichotomous_alcohol.csv.gz
Results File5: women_dichotomous_alcohol.csv.gz
Results File6: men_dichotomous_alcohol.csv.gz
Results Readme File: CHARGE_AlcGen_Meta_Results_README_v2.docx

2) Liu et al.
Trait(s): SBP, DBP, MAP, PP, HTN
Sample size (~n): 120473 (EA all traits), 21503 (AA all traits), 4685 (HA all traits)
Results File 1: SBP_all_ethnic.csv
Results File 2: SBP_EA.csv
Results File 3: SBP_AA.csv
Results File 4: SBP_HA.csv
Results File 5: DBP_all_ethnic.csv
Results File 6: DBP_EA.csv
Results File 7: DBP_AA.csv
Results File 8: DBP_HA.csv
Results File 9: MAP_all_ethnic.csv
Results File 10: MAP_EA.csv
Results File 11: MAP_AA.csv
Results File 12: MAP_HA.csv
Results File 13: PP_all_ethnic.csv
Results File 14: PP_EA.csv
Results File 15: PP_AA.csv
Results File 16: PP_HA.csv
Results File 17: HTN_all_ethnic.csv
Results File 18: HTN_EA.csv
Results File 19: HTN_AA.csv
Results File 20: HTN_HA.csv
Results Readme File: CHARGE_exome_chip_summary_README.docx

3) Pattaro et al.
Trait(s): CKD, eGFR
Sample size (~n): 133413
Results File 1: CKD.csv.gz
Results File 2: eGFRcrea_DM.csv.gz
Results File 3: eGFRcrea_nonDM.csv.gz
Results File 4: eGFRcrea_overall.csv.gz
Results File 5: eGFRcys_overall.csv.gz
Results Readme File: PattaroCKDreadme.txt

4) Okbay et al. (a)
Trait(s): Educational attainment
Sample size (~n): 293723
Results File 1: EduYears_Main.txt.gz
Results File 2: EduYears_Main_Men.txt.gz
Results File 3: EduYears_Main_Women.txt.gz
Results Readme File: OkbayEduAttReadMe.txt

5) Okbay et al. (b)
Trait(s): Depressive symptoms, neuroticism, subjective well-being (SWB)
Sample size (~n): 298420 (SWB), 170911 neuroticism, 161460 depressive symptoms
Results File 1: SWB_Full.txt.gz
Results File 2: Neuroticism_Full.txt.gz
Results File 3: DS_Full.txt.gz
Results Readme File: Okbay3traitsReadme.txt

6) Barban et al.
Trait(s): Number of children (NEB), Age at first birth (AFB)
Sample size (~n): 251151 (AFB), 343072 (NEB)
Results File 1: AgeFirstBirth_Pooled.txt.gz
Results File 2: AgeFirstBirth_Male.txt.gz
Results File 3: AgeFirstBirth_Female.txt.gz
Results File 4: NumberChildrenEverBorn_Pooled.txt.gz
Results File 5: NumberChildrenEverBorn_Male.txt.gz
Results File 6: NumberChildrenEverBorn_Female.txt.gz
Results Readme File: readme_reproductivebehavior.txt

7) Van den Berg et al.
Trait(s): Extraversion
Sample size (~n): 63060 surveyed
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: ReadmeGPC-2.pdf

8) Eicher et al.
Trait(s): Platelet count, Mean platelet volume
Sample size (~n): 157293 (PLT), 57617 (MPV)
Results File 1: BCX_PLT_AA.tar.gz
Results File 2: BCX_PLT_ALL.tar.gz
Results File 3: BCX_PLT_EA.tar.gz
Results Readme File: readmeeicher.txt

9) Tajuddin et al.
Trait(s): White blood cells and subcounts
Sample size (~n): 157622
Results File 1: BCX_WBC_AA.tar.gz
Results File 2: BCX_WBC_ALL.tar.gz
Results File 3: BCX_WBC_EA.tar.gz
Results Readme File: readmetajuddin.txt

10) Chami et al.
Trait(s): Red blood cells and subcounts
Sample size (~n): 130273 for discovery, 27480 for replication
Results File 1: BCX_RBC_AA.tar.gz
Results File 2: BCX_RBC_ALL.tar.gz
Results File 3: BCX_RBC_EA.tar.gz
Results Readme File: readmechami.txt

11) Lu et al.
Trait(s): Body fat percentage
Sample size (~n): 100716
Results File 1: Body_fat_percentage_GWAS_PLUS_MC_ALL_ancestry_se_Sex_combined_for_locus_zoom_plot.TBL.txt
Results Readme File: Read_me_GWAS_BFpercent.txt

12) Kilpelainen et al.
Trait(s): Leptin, Leptin adjusted for BMI
Sample size (~n): 32161 for discovery, 19979 for replication
Results File 1: Leptin_Adjusted_for_BMI.txt
Results File 2: Leptin_Not_Adjusted_for_BMI.txt
Results Readme File: ReadMe_Leptin_GWAS.txt

13) Fuchsberger et al.
Trait(s): Type 2 Diabetes
Sample size (~n): 11,645 cases and 32,769 controls
Full Results are posted

14) Teumer et al.
Trait(s): Urinary albumin to creatinine ratio (UACR), macroalbuminuria (MA) in diabetes
Sample size (~n): 5825 with diabetes, 46061 without diabetes
Results File 1: UACR_overall.csv.gz
Results File 2: UACR_DM.csv.gz
Results File 3: UACR_noDM.csv.gz
Results File 4: MA.csv.gz
Results Readme File: TeumerUACRreadme.txt

15) De Moor et al.
Trait(s): Neuroticism
Sample size (~n): 63661 surveyed
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: ReadmeGPC-2.pdf

16) Fortney et al.
Trait(s): Longevity weighted for disease GWAS (iGWAS)
Sample size (~n): 801 centenarians, 7330 (age ≥ 85 years), 17035 controls
Results File 1: FortneyiGWAS.rar

17) Mahajan et al.
Trait(s): Multiple diabetes traits: fasting glucose (FG) and fasting insulin (FI) in non-diabetic individuals
Sample size (~n): 33231 (FG); 30825 (FI)
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: Mahajan_2014_ExomeChip_GlycemicTraits.pdf

18) Soler Artigas et al.
Trait(s): FEV1, FVC, FEV1/FVC
Sample size (~n): 38199 for discovery, 54550 for replication
Results File 1: SpiroMeta_1000G_FEV1_50Neff_filt_results.txt.gz
Results File 2: SpiroMeta_1000G_FVC_50Neff_filt_results.txt.gz
Results File 3: SpiroMeta_1000G_FEV1overFVC_50Neff_filt_results.txt.gz
Results Readme File: SpiroMeta_README.txt

19) Gaulton et al.
Trait(s): Type II diabetes
Sample size (~n): 27206 cases, 57574 controls
Full results are posted:

20) Winkler et al.
Trait(s): Age and sex stratified BMI and waist hip ratio
Sample size (~n): 320485
Results File 1: BMI.MEN.GT50.publicrelease.txt.gz
Results File 2: BMI.MEN.LE50.publicrelease.txt.gz
Results File 3: BMI.WOMEN.GT50.publicrelease.txt.gz
Results File 4: BMI.WOMEN.LE50.publicrelease.txt.gz
Results File 5: WHRADJ.MEN.GT50.publicrelease.txt.gz
Results File 6: WHRADJ.MEN.LE50.publicrelease.txt.gz
Results File 7: WHRADJ.WOMEN.GT50.publicrelease.txt.gz
Results File 8: WHRADJ.WOMEN.LE50.publicrelease.txt.gz
Results Readme File: ReadMeWinkler.txt

21) CONVERGE Consortium et al.
Trait(s): Major depressive disorder
Sample size (~n): 5303 cases, 5337 controls
Results File 1: MD_GWAS_SNPresults.txt.gz
Results Readme File:

22) Locke et al.
Trait(s): BMI (male, female, Europeans and all ancestries)
Sample size (~n): 339224
Results File 1: All_ancestries_SNP_gwas_mc_merge_nogc.tbl.uniq.gz
Results File 2: SNP_gwas_mc_merge_nogc.tbl.uniq.gz
Results File 3: Men_SNP_gwas_mc_merge_nogc.tbl.uniq.gz
Results File 4: Women_SNP_gwas_mc_merge_nogc.tbl.uniq.gz
Results Readme File: GIANT 2012-15 Data File ReadMe.txt

23) Shungin et al.
Trait(s): Waist circumference, Waist hip ratio, Hip (male, female and combined)
Sample size (~n): 224459
Results File 1:
Results File 2: HIPadjBMI,zip
Results File 3:
Results File 4:
Results File 5:
Results File 6:
Results Readme File: GIANT 2012-15 Data File ReadMe Waist.txt

24) van der Valk et al.
Trait(s): Birth length
Sample size (~n): 28459 for discovery, 11995 for replication
Results File 1: EGG-GWAS-BL.txt.gz
Results Readme File:

25) Deelen et al.
Trait(s): Long-life/Longevity
Sample size (~n): 7729 (age ≥ 85 years) or 5406 (age ≥ 90 years) versus ~16121 controls (age < 65 years)
Results File 1: DeelenLongevityGWAS.txt
Results Readme File: Deelen Longevity README.txt

26) Benyamin et al.
Trait(s): Childhood Intelligence
Sample size (~n): 12441
Results File 1: CHIC_Summary_Benyamin2014.txt.gz
Results Readme File: CHICheader.txt

27) Rietvald et al.
Trait(s): Educational attainment
Sample size (~n): 106736
Results File 1: MA_EA_1st_stage.txt.gz
Results Readme File: RietvaldHeader.txt

28) Cousminer et al.
Trait(s): TannerStage
Sample size (~n): 11000
Results File 1: EGG_TANNER_females.txt.gz
Results File 2: EGG_TANNER_males.txt.gz
Results File 3: EGG_TANNER_males_and_females_combined.txt.gz
Results Readme File: Guide_To_Egg_FILEs.txt

29) Prokopenko et al.
Trait(s): Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion
Sample size (~n): 26037
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: MAGIC_GWAS_insulin_secretion_README.pdf

30) den Hoed et al.
Trait(s): Heart rate
Sample size (~n): 181171
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: Read-me_GWAS_HR.txt

31) Zhan et al.
Trait(s): Serum TSH
Sample size (~n): 1346 for discovery, 3235 for replication
Results File 1:
Results Readme File:

32) Boraska et al.
Trait(s): Anorexia
Sample size (~n): 5551 cases, 21080 controls
Results File 1: gcan_meta.out.gz
Results Readme File:

33) Okada et al.
Trait(s): Rheumatoid arthritis
Sample size (~n): 29880 cases, 73758 controls
Results File 1: RA_GWASmeta_Asian_v2.txt.gz
Results File 2: RA_GWASmeta_European_v2.txt.gz
Results File 3: RA_GWASmeta_TransEthnic_v2.txt.gz
Results Readme File:

34) Wood et al.
Trait(s): Height
Sample size (~n): 253288
Results File 1: GIANT_HEIGHT_Wood_et_al_2014_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq.txt.gz
Results Readme File: GIANT_2012-15 Data File ReadMe Height.txt

35) Perry et al.
Trait(s): Age at menarche
Sample size (~n): 182416
Results File 1: Menarche_Nature2014_GWASMetaResults_17122014.txt
Results Readme File: ReadMePerry.txt

36) International League Against Epilepsy Consortium on Complex Epilepsies et al.
Trait(s): Epilepsy, Focal epilepsy, Genetic generalized epilepsy
Sample size (~n): 8696 cases, 26157 controls
Results File 1: ILAE_All_Epi_11.8.14.txt.gz
Results File 2: ILAE_Focal_5.8.14.txt.gz
Results File 3: ILAE_GGE_5.8.14.txt.gz
Results Readme File 1: ILAE_All_Epi_README.txt
Results Readme File 2: ILAE_Focal_README.txt
Results Readme File 3: ILAE_GGE_README.txt

37) Schizophrenia Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium et al.
Trait(s): Schizophrenia
Sample size (~n): 36989 cases, 113075 controls
Full Results are posted:

38) Ramirez et al.
Trait(s): CSF A-beta 42, CSF Tau 181 phos
Sample size (~n): 363
Results File 1:
Results File 2:
Results Readme File:

39) Myers et al.
Trait(s): Asthma
Sample size (~n): 5219 cases, 3830 controls
Results File 1: HMG-2013-W-01483_Myers_DataS1_MaleCases_vsPooledControls.csv.gz
Results File 2: HMG-2013-W-01483_Myers_DataS2_FemaleCases_vsPooledControls.csv.gz
Results Readme File 1: readmeasthmamale.txt
Results Readme File 2: readmeasthmafemale.txt

40) Shin et al.
Trait(s): Serum metabolites
Sample size (~n): 7824
Full results are posted:

41) DIAbetes Genetics Replication and Meta-analysis (DIAGRAM) Consortium et al.
Trait(s): Type II diabetes
Sample size (~n): 26488 cases, 83964 controls for discovery; 21491 cases, 55647 controls for replication
Full results are posted:

42) Pan et al.
Trait(s): Non-response to HepB vaccine
Sample size (~n): 185 for discovery, 1756 for replication
Results File 1: ddt586supp_table1.xlsx
Results Readme File:

43) Jostins et al.
Trait(s): Inflammatory bowel disease
Sample size (~n): 75000
Results File 1: gwas_ichip_meta_release.txt.gz
Results File 2: cd-meta.txt.gz
Results Readme File:

44) Cousminer et al.
Trait(s): Pubertal growth
Sample size (~n): 18737
Results File 1: Pubertal_growth_10F.txt.gz
Results File 2: Pubertal_growth_10F_12M_combined.txt.gz
Results File 3: Pubertal_growth_12M.txt.gz
Results File 4: Pubertal_growth_PGF.txt.gz
Results File 5: Pubertal_growth_PGF_PGM_combined.txt.gz
Results File 6: Pubertal_growth_PGM.txt.gz
Results File 7: Pubertal_growth_PTF.txt.gz
Results File 8: Pubertal_growth_PTF_PTM_combined.txt.gz
Results File 9: Pubertal_growth_PTM.txt.gz
Results Readme File:

45) CARDIoGRAMplusC4D Consortium et al.
Trait(s): CAD - CardiogramC4D (metabochip)
Sample size (~n): 63746 cases, 130681 controls
Results File 1:
Results Readme File:

46) Lambert et al.
Trait(s): Alzheimer’s disease, eQTLs
Sample size (~n): 25580 cases, 48466 controls
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: ReadMeLambert.txt

47) Global Lipids Genetics Consortium et al.
Trait(s): HDL, LDL, TG, total cholesterol
Sample size (~n): 188577
Results File 1: jointGwasMc_HDL.txt.gz
Results File 2: jointGwasMc_LDL.txt.gz
Results File 3: jointGwasMc_TC.txt.gz
Results File 4: jointGwasMc_TG.txt.gz
Results Readme File: GLGCreadme.txt

48) Randall et al.
Trait(s): Height, Weight, BMI, Waist circumference, Waist hip ratio (male & female)
Sample size (~n): 133723 for discovery, 137052 for replication
Results File 1:
Results File 2:
Results File 3:
Results File 4:
Results File 5:
Results File 6:
Results Readme File: GIANT 2012-15 Data File ReadMe Randall.txt

49) Rietveld et al.
Trait(s): Education: college attainment, Education: years
Sample size (~n): 101069 for discovery, 25490 for replication
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: Read_me_datarelease_Rietveld2013.txt

50) Berndt et al.
Trait(s): BMI tails, Height tails, Waist hip ratio tails, Obesity class 1, Obesity class 2, Obesity class 3, Overweight
Sample size (~n): 263407
Results File 1: GIANT_EXTREME_BMI_Stage1_Berndt2013_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq.txt.gz
Results File 2: GIANT_EXTREME_HEIGHT_Stage1_Berndt2013_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq.txt.gz
Results File 3: GIANT_EXTREME_WHR_Stage1_Berndt2013_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq.txt.gz
Results File 4: GIANT_OBESITY_CLASS1_Stage1_Berndt2013_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq.txt.gz
Results File 5: GIANT_OBESITY_CLASS2_Stage1_Berndt2013_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq.txt.gz
Results File 6: GIANT_OBESITY_CLASS3_Stage1_Berndt2013_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq.txt.gz
Results File 7: GIANT_OVERWEIGHT_Stage1_Berndt2013_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq.txt.gz
Results Readme File: GIANT_2012-15_Data_File_ReadMe_Berndt.txt

51) Stambolian et al.
Trait(s): Visual refractive error
Sample size (~n): 7280
Results File 1:
Results Readme File:

52) Fritsche et al.
Trait(s): Age-related macular degeneration, Geographic atrophy, Neovascularization
Sample size (~n): 14063 cases, 148919 controls
Results File 1: Fristche_AMDGene2013_Neovascular_v_Controls.txt
Results File 2: Fritsche_AMDGene2013_GeographicAtropy_v_Controls.txt
Results File 3: FritscheAMDGene2013_Advanced_v_Controls.txt
Results Readme File:

53) Cross-Disorder Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium et al.
Trait(s): Cross psychiatric disorders
Sample size (~n): 33332 cases, 27888 controls
Full Results are posted:

54) Thanassoulis et al.
Trait(s): Aortic valve calcium, Mitral annular calcium
Sample size (~n): 10737
Results File 1: AVC_meta_results_dbGAP_2013Jan08.txt
Results File 2: MAC_meta_results_dbGAP_2013Jan08.txt
Results Readme File: AVC_MAC_meta_results_README_2013Feb01.txt

55) Cordell et al.
Trait(s): Tetralogy of Fallot
Sample size (~n): 835 cases, 5159 controls for discovery; 789 cases, 2927 controls for replication
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: TOF_GWAS_README.txt

56) Horikoshi et al.
Trait(s): Birth weight
Sample size (~n): 69308
Results File 1: EGG_BirthWeight2_DISCOVERY.txt
Results Readme File:

57) Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric GWAS Consortium et al.
Trait(s): Major depressive disorder
Sample size (~n): 9240 cases, 9519 controls for discovery; 6783 cases, 50695 controls for replication
Full Results are posted:

58) Kottgen et al.
Trait(s): Serum urate, Gout
Sample size (~n): 110347 (serum urate), 2115 (gout), 67259 (controls)
Results File 1:
Results File 2:
Results Readme File: GUGC_Datasets_Posting_readme.txt

Scott et al.
Trait(s): Fasting glucose (metabochip), Fasting insulin (metabochip)
Sample size (~n): 133010
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: MAGIC_Metabochip_README.pdf

60) Manning et al.
Trait(s): Fasting glucose, Fasting insulin
Sample size (~n): 96496
Results File 1: MAGIC_Manning_et_al_FastingGlucose_MainEffect.txt.gz
Results File 2: MAGIC_Manning_et_al_lnFastingInsulin_MainEffect.txt.gz
Results File 3: MAGIC_Manning_et_al_README.pdf
Results Readme File:

61) Estrada et al.
Trait(s): FNBMD (men), FNBMD (women), FNBMD (pooled), LSBMD (women), LSBMD (pooled)
Sample size (~n): 32961 for discovery, 184393 for replication
Results File 1:
Results File 2: GEFOS2_FNBMD_MEN_GC.txt.gz
Results File 3: GEFOS2_FNBMD_POOLED_GC.txt.gz
Results File 4: GEFOS2_FNBMD_WOMEN_GC.txt.gz
Results File 5: GEFOS2_LSBMD_MEN_GC.txt.gz
Results File 6: GEFOS2_LSBMD_POOLED_GC.txt.gz
Results File 7: GEFOS2_LSBMD_WOMEN_GC.txt.gz
Results Readme File:

62) Yang et al.
Trait(s): BMI variability, Height variability
Sample size (~n): 170000
Results File 1: GIANT_Yang2012Nature_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq_BMI.txt.gz
Results File 2: GIANT_Yang2012Nature_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq_Height.txt.gz
Results Readme File: GIANT_2012-15_Data_File_ReadMe_Yang.txt

63) Morris et al.
Trait(s): DIAGRAM Type II Diabetes
Sample size (~n): 34840 cases, 114981 controls
Full results are posted:

64) Taal et al.
Trait(s): Head circumference
Sample size (~n): 10768 for discovery, 19089 for replication
Results File 1: EGG_HeadCircumf_DISCOVERY.txt
Results Readme File:

65) Bradfield et al.
Trait(s): Childhood obesity
Sample size (~n): 5530 cases, 8318 controls
Results File 1: EGG_ChildhoodObesity_Meta_Analysis_1.txt
Results Readme File:

66) Yang et al.
Trait(s): Hypertension
Sample size (~n): 400 cases, 400 controls
Results File 1: Yang_YoungOnsetHypertension_Illumina550_SBAS_rawpv.csv
Results Readme File: Yang_ReadMe.txt

67) Dastani et al.
Trait(s): Adiponectin
Sample size (~n): 29347
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: adipogen_data_readme.docx

68) Pankratz et al.
Trait(s): Parkinson's disease
Sample size (~n): 4238 cases, 4239 controls for discovery; 3738 cases, 2111 controls for replication
Results File 1: Pankratz_Parkinsons_22687-SuppTable1.txt
Results Readme File:

69) Meyer et al.
Trait(s): Transmission distortion
Sample size (~n): 4728
Results File 1: MeyerTDT_TableS1.txt
Results Readme File:

70) de Moor et al.
Trait(s): Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Neuroticism, Openness
Sample size (~n): 17375 for discovery, 3294 for replication
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: ReadmeGPC-1.pdf

71) Schunkert et al.
Trait(s): Coronary artery disease
Sample size (~n): 143777
Results File 1:
Results Readme File:

72) C4D Genetics Consortium et al.
Trait(s): Coronary artery disease
Sample size (~n): 15420 cases, 15062 controls for discovery; 21408 cases, 19185 controls for replication
Results File 1:
Results Readme File:

73) Psychiatric GWAS Consortium Bipolar Disorder Working Group et al.
Trait(s): Bipolar disorder
Sample size (~n): 7481 cases, 9250 controls for discovery; 4496 cases, 42422 controls for replication
Full Results are posted:

74) International Consortium for Blood Pressure Genome-Wide Association Studies et al.
Trait(s): ICBP diastolic blood pressure, ICBP systolic blood pressure
Sample size (~n): 200000
Results File 1: ICBP-summary-Nature.csv.gz
Results Readme File:

75) Strawbridge et al.
Trait(s): Fasting proinsulin
Sample size (~n): 10701 for discovery, 16378 for replication
Results File 1: MAGIC_ln_fastingProinsulin.txt.gz
Results Readme File:

76) Boger et al.
Trait(s): microalbuminuria
Sample size (~n): 63153 in discovery, 1304 in replication
Results File 1: CKDGen-MA_meta_post.csv
Results File 2: CKDGen-UACR_meta_post.csv
Results Readme File: BogerReadMe.txt

77) Tobacco and Genetics Consortium et al.
Trait(s): Cigarettes per day, Ever smokers, Never smokers, and Age at onset of smoking
Sample size (~n): 140000
Results File 1: tag.cpd.tbl.gz
Results File 2: tag.evrsmk.tbl.gz
Results File 3: tag.former.tbl.gz
Results File 4: tag.logonset.tbl.gz
Results Readme File: readme.tag.txt

78) Soranzo et al.
Trait(s): HbA1c
Sample size (~n): 46368
Results File 1: MAGIC_Soranzo_HbA1C.txt.gz
Results Readme File:

79) Saxena et al.
Trait(s): 2h glucose tests
Sample size (~n): 15234 for discovery, 30620 for replication
Results File 1: MAGIC_Saxena_2hrGlucose_AdjustedForBMI.txt
Results Readme File:

80) Speliotes et al.
Trait(s): body mass index
Sample size (~n): 123865 for discovery, 125931 for replication
Results File 1: GIANT_BMI_Speliotes2010_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq.txt.gz
Results Readme File: GIANT BMI 2010 ReadMe Speliotes.txt

81) Heid et al.
Trait(s): Waist-hip ratio
Sample size (~n): 77167 for discovery, 113636 for replication
Results File 1: GIANT_WHRadjBMI_Heid2010_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq.txt.gz
Results Readme File: GIANT WHR 2010 ReadMe Heid.txt

82) Lango Allen et al.
Trait(s): GIANT height
Sample size (~n): 183727
Results File 1: GIANT_HEIGHT_LangoAllen2010_publicrelease_HapMapCeuFreq.txt.gz
Results Readme File: GIANT Height 2010 ReadMe Lango Allen.txt

83) Moffatt et al.
Trait(s): Asthma
Sample size (~n): 10365 cases, 16110 controls
Results File 1:
Results Readme File: gabriel_results_description.xls

84) Neale et al.
Trait(s): Attention deficit hyperactive disorder
Sample size (~n): 896 cases, 2455 controls
Full Results are posted:

85) Teslovich et al.
Trait(s): HDL, LDL, TG, total cholesterol
Sample size (~n): 100000
Results File 1: HDL_ONE_Eur.tbl.sorted.gz
Results File 2: LDL_ONE_Eur.tbl.sorted.gz
Results File 3: TC_ONE_Eur.tbl.sorted.gz
Results File 4: TG_ONE_Eur.tbl.sorted.gz
Results Readme File:

86) Kasperaviciute et al.
Trait(s): Partial epilepsy
Sample size (~n): 3445 cases, 6935 controls
Results File 1: PartialEpilepsySyndromes_Kasperaviciute_3445cases_6935controls.txt
Results Readme File:

87) Stahl et al.
Trait(s): Rheumatoid arthritis
Sample size (~n): 5539 cases, 20169 controls for discovery; 6768 cases, 8806 controls for replication
Results File 1: RheumatoidArthritis_Stahl_5539cases_20169controls.txt
Results Readme File:

88) Suchindran et al.
Trait(s): LpPLA2 activity, LpPLA2 mass
Sample size (~n): 6668
Results File 1: LpPLA2activity_Suchindran.txt
Results File 2: LpPLA2mass_Suchindran.txt
Results Readme File:

89) Kottgen et al.
Trait(s): chronic kidney disease
Sample size (~n): 67093 for discovery, 22982 for replication
Results File 1: CKDGen-CKD_meta_post.csv
Results File 2: CKDGen-eGFRcrea_meta_post.csv
Results File 3: CKDGen-eGFRcys_meta_post.csv
Results Readme File: KottgenReadMe.txt

90) Barber et al.
Trait(s): HDL change with statins, LDL change with statins, TG change with statins, Total cholesterol change with statins
Sample size (~n): 3932
Results File 1: HDLcholChangeWithStatin_Stephens.txt
Results File 2: HDLcholRegardlessOfStatins_Stephens.txt
Results File 3: LDLcholChangeWithStatin_Stephens.txt
Results File 4: LDLcholRegardlessOfStatins_Stephens.txt
Results File 5: TcholChangeWithStatin_Stephens.txt
Results File 6: TcholRegardlessOfStatins_Stephens.txt
Results File 7: TGChangeWithStatin_Stephens.txt
Results File 8: TGRegardlessOfStatins_Stephens.txt
Results Readme File: READMEBarber.txt

91) Dupuis et al.
Trait(s): MAGIC fasting glucose, MAGIC fasting insulin, MAGIC ln HOMA-B, MAGIC ln HOMA-IR
Sample size (~n): 46186 for discovery, 76558 for replication
Results File 1: MAGIC_FastingGlucose.txt
Results File 2: MAGIC_ln_FastingInsulin.txt
Results File 3: MAGIC_ln_HOMA-B.txt
Results File 4: MAGIC_ln_HOMA-IR.txt
Results Readme File:

92) McMahon et al.
Trait(s): Major depressive disorder
Sample size (~n): 13600
Results File 1: MajorDepressiveDisorders_McMahon_6683cases_9068controls.txt
Results Readme File:

Kathiresan et al.
Trait(s): Lipid level measurements
Sample size (~n): 19840 for discovery, 20623 for replication
Results File 1:
Results File 2:
Results File 3:
Results Readme File:

94) Cooper et al.
Trait(s): Warfarin maintenance dose
Sample size (~n): 181 for discovery, 374 for replication
Results File 1: Cooper_Add_TableS1.txt
Results Readme File:

95) Styrkarsdottir et al.
Trait(s): Bone mineral density (hip), Bone mineral density (spine)
Sample size (~n): 5681 for discovery, 7925 for replication
Results File 1: SpineBMD_Strykarsdottir.txt
Results Readme File:

96) International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium et al.
Trait(s): Multiple sclerosis
Sample size (~n): 12360
Results File 1: phs000139.pha002854.txt.gz
Results Readme File: MSGCReadme.txt

97) Hunter et al.
Trait(s): Breast cancer
Sample size (~n): 1145 cases, 1142 controls for discovery; 1776 cases, 2072 controls for replication
Results File 1: phs000147.pha002853.txt.gz
Results Readme File: HunterReadMe.txt

98) Yeager et al.
Trait(s): Prostate cancer
Sample size (~n): 1172 cases, 1157 controls
Results File 1: phs000207.pha002877.txt.gz
Results File 2: phs000207.pha002878.txt.gz
Results Readme File 1: YeagerReadMe1.txt
Results Readme File 2: YeagerReadMe2.txt

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