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Updates & DB Information

The catalog includes 2,082 GWAS studies, 8,872,472 genotype-phenotype results, 186,362 unique phenotypes, 177 broad phenotype categories. Download the GRASP Catalog.

Information on the 2,082 studies can be found here.

Future updates and builds

Periodic updates are planned and will be released as new Build versions. Older builds will be archived as new builds are released

Current Build and Statistics:

Build 2,082 GWAS studies, 8,872,472 genotype-phenotype results, 188,362 unique phenotypes, 177 broad phenotype categories. Information on the 2,082 studies can be found here.

GRASP contains 2,586,194 results not found in GRASP Download the GRASP Catalog.

GRASP contains 7,870,622 results from “non-QTL papers”. Download the GRASP Catalog.

GRASP contains 1,001,850 results from “QTL papers”. These results include the following which can be downloaded separately:

Expression QTLs (eQTLs): 707,439 results Download the Expression QTLs Results.

Metabolomics QTLs (mQTLs): 232,008 results Download the Metabolomics QTLs Results.

Methylation QTLs (meQTLs): 52,419 results Download the Methylation QTLs Results.

Glycosylation QTLs (gQTLs): 6,582 results Download the Glycosylation QTLs Results.

Protein QTLs (pQTLs): 2,142 results Download the Protein QTLs Results.

microRNA QTLs (mirQTLs): 1,260 results Download the microRNA QTLs Results.

Archived Builds:

Build 1,390 GWAS studies, 6,276,281 genotype-phenotype results, 111,742 unique phenotypes, 154 broad phenotype categories. Download the archived catalog here (zip compressed file- ~300 Mb)

Information on the 1,390 studies included is found here..

Data submission and error correction

  • We accept suggestions for the inclusion of additional publications (please see our criteria and check that suggested studies conform before suggesting new ones). We also accept the submission of association statistics not given in the original publications or for unpublished work if authors wish to disclose further results at a resource location that can be cited.
  • We accept suggested error corrections or terminology changes.
  • For all communications please subscribe to the GRASP-GWAS-L mailing list and submit your message.
  • Recognized errors will be logged and posted on the "Updates & DB Information" page as new Builds are released.

Error Logs

Build # - Several errors have been been corrected in the GRASP release. Error Log


Scientific lead; database design, annotation and curation: Andrew D. Johnson (NHLBI)

GRASP update junior lead: John D. Eicher (NHLBI)

Database extraction: Richard Leslie (NHLBI), John D. Eicher (NHLBI), Christa Landowski (NHLBI), Brian Stackhouse (NHLBI), Arielle Sloan (NHLBI), Wenjie Chen (NHLBI), Ju-Ping Lien (NHLBI), Andrew D. Johnson (NHLBI)

NHLBI/NCBI collaborative web development: The NHLBI Center for Biomedical Informatics team, Masato Kimura (NCBI), Ming Xu (NCBI), Mike Feolo (NCBI), Andrew D. Johnson (NHLBI)

Citation Information

If you use the catalog in a manuscript please cite: Leslie R, O’Donnell CJ, Johnson AD (2014) GRASP: analysis of genotype-phenotype results from 1,390 genome-wide association studies and corresponding open access database. Bioinformatics 30(12), i185-94. GRASP Build