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GRASP: Genome-Wide Repository of Associations Between SNPs and Phenotypes


Now Accepting GWAS Results Submissions

to find out details on how to submit results in conjunction with your publications

GRASP includes all available genetic association results from papers, their supplements and web-based content meeting the following guidelines:

  • All associations with P<0.05 from GWAS defined as >= 25,000 markers tested for 1 or more traits.
  • Study exclusion criteria: CNV-only studies, replication/follow-up studies testing <25K markers, non-human only studies, article not in English, gene-environment or gene-gene GWAS where single SNP main effects are not given, linkage only studies, aCGH/LOH only studies, heterozygosity/homozygosity (genome-wide or long run) studies, studies only presenting gene-based or pathway-based results, simulation-only studies, studies which we judge as redundant with prior studies since they do not provide significant inclusion of new samples or exposure of new results (e.g., many methodological papers on the WTCCC and FHS GWAS).
  • More detailed methods and resources used in constructing the catalog are described at the "Methods & Resources" page.

Search the catalog

Funding Support

The construction and maintenance of the NHLBI GRASP catalog was supported by NHLBI intramural funding mechanisms.

Medical disclaimer

The results in this database should not necessarily deemed to be clinical applicable.

Download the catalog

The full GRASP catalog covering 2,082 GWAS studies is available for download here (zip compressed file- ~480 Mb). Information on the 2,082 studies can be found here Grasp List of Studies List of Grasp Studies Excel Document (535 KB). Please follow the use and re-posting restrictions.

Subsets of the catalog (e.g., GRASP, results new to GRASP only, QTL results only) are available in the "Updates & DB Information".

Citation Information

If you use the catalog in a manuscript please cite: Leslie R, O’Donnell CJ, Johnson AD (2014) GRASP: analysis of genotype-phenotype results from 1,390 genome-wide association studies and corresponding open access database. Bioinformatics 30(12), i185-94. GRASP Build