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Terms of Use & Contacts

By accessing and using this catalog you agree to the following terms:

  • You will not repost the full catalog or significant subsets elsewhere, or use for commercial purposes, without permission. Contact Andrew D. Johnson at NHLBI for permissions and/or subscribe to the GRASP-GWAS-L listserv and send a request.
  • You will not use this information or any subset of this information in order to develop or apply methods aimed at the breach of individual study participant's privacy and confidentiality. For a discussion of related matters see Johnson et al., PLoS Gen 2011 and related publications.
  • If this information or any subset is used in a scientific publication you agree to cite this resource as well as the underlying GWAS paper(s) which directly contribute to the subsequent publication. Pubmed identifiers are given for sources of each individual resource in order to facilitate appropriate citation. This resource can be cited as "NHLBI GRASP catalog, Build X" where X is the current Build number.
  • If you use the catalog in a manuscript please cite: Leslie R, O’Donnell CJ, Johnson AD (2014) GRASP: analysis of genotype-phenotype results from 1,390 genome-wide association studies and corresponding open access database. Bioinformatics, 30(12), i185-94. GRASP Build

Contact Information

Andrew D. Johnson, Ph.D., NHLBI

Mailing list

To subscribe to the listserv GRASP-GWAS-L NHLBI GRASP mailing list, email listserv@list.nih.gov from the email account you want added with "Subscribe GRASP-GWAS-L Firstname Lastname" or "Subscribe GRASP-GWAS-L" in the first line of text in the email. Do not include any other text including signatures in the email.

The listserv is intended mainly to serve as a mechanism for announcements such as new database Build releases, selected relevant publications and error corrections. However, it is also a place to post questions, comments, error corrections or suggestions. This is a moderated listserv. This means messages do require the owner’s approval.